A Journey with Valentina

A Canadian artist Valentina Churilova studied and obtained her Bachelor of Fine Arts at the esteemed Ontario College of Art in Toronto Canada.

Prior to this she was classically trained in the Ukraine. Her deep respect and evidence of technique and mastery of craft stem from values instilled as a result of her classical training. At a tender age of 16 the artist was painting with such skill and maturity that inspired audiences.

Now she paints at a rapid rate, working on 4-5 larger than life canvases at a time. The artist is aware of her skill and genuinely humble. She maintains a deep responsibility towards what she creates. She seeks growth as an artist and is determined to achieve this through the striving of self knowledge through deep meditation. Her travels to India, Eastern Europe, Italy, Serbia, USA have broadened the artist's perception. Evidence of a united view of the world is prevalent in her work.